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Chamomile Blossoms Chamomile Blossoms

#1129 Herbal Tea  Full chamomile blossoms infuse your cup with a warm honey glow and a soothing aroma. How good is this tea? Eastern European folklore maintains that a person...

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Cherry Blossom Mug with Infuser Cherry Blossom Mug with Infuser

3 piece set with a double-walled porcelain mug, stainless steel infuser, and porcelain lid. Holds up to 12oz of tea. 

$ 25.00

Cherry Pomegranate

Sun-ripened, fresh cherry notes unite with exotic pomegranates in this delicious fruity beverage, served hot or cold.  Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, sliced almonds, flavoring, cardamom seeds, beetroot, rose petals,...

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Chili Chocolate - Socra Tea House Blend Chili Chocolate - Socra Tea House Blend

SOCRA TEA IN-HOUSE BLEND   Black Aroma  **contains nuts** "The Kick of Red Pepper Collides with Dark Chocolate, a flavorful and spicy cup of tea!" For the ancient Aztecs, chocolate was...

From $ 6.30

China Chun Mee China Chun Mee

#2379  Green Classic Tea  This popular Chinese tea is rooted in very old traditions. Chun Mee is grown in southeastern China near the Yangtze River. The tea has a very...

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China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven (Temp. Sold Out) China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven (Temp. Sold Out)

#510 Green Classic Tea    Sea captains ferrying precious cargoes back to the West dubbed this granular tea Gunpowder, in reference to that common tool of warfare. This tumble-fired Chinese...

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China Keemun Finest Chuen Cha China Keemun Finest Chuen Cha

#560  Black Classic Tea  Keemun is grown and produced near the famous Huang Shan mountains. This tea represents one of the finest grades available, boasting a velvety mouth feel and...

From $ 6.90

China Lapsang Souchong China Lapsang Souchong

#581 Black Aroma Tea  Legend has it that this intense, smoky black tea from the Fujian Province was the result of an accidental drying of the leaves in haste over...

From $ 5.80

China Lung Ching China Lung Ching

#520   Green Classic Tea  Widely known as “Dragon Well,” Lung Ching is one of China’s “Ten Famous Teas” eagerly awaited each March and April. Meticulously plucked, withered and pan-fired...

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China Milky Jade China Milky Jade

#2105  Classic Oolong  One of the most unusual tea specialties is produced by hand in the province of Fujian. Immediately after withering the still moist leaves are heated shortly in...

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China Pai Mu Tan China Pai Mu Tan

#531   Classic White  Plucked from one of Fujian’s finest gardens, this refined, hand-processed tea is a representative of the “New Style” of white tea production. Withered and then bake-dried, the...

From $ 9.20

China Rose China Rose

#550 Black Aroma Tea  This mellow Chinese black tea springs to life after a fresh rose petal steam infusion. The result is a floral contrast worth savoring.Preparation: 3 g tea...

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