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Cinnamon Plum Herbal Tea Cinnamon Plum Herbal Tea

#9521 Cinnamon Plum is deliciously fruity and full-bodied with a deep red infusion that is thirst-quenching served iced in summer. During the winter season, Cinnamon Plum is a fantastic mulling...

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Coconut Green Tea Coconut Green Tea

#974   Green Aroma Tea  The creamy richness of coconut milk on a dazzling and brisk Japanese Sencha base. A true customer favorite. Ingredients: Green tea and shredded coconut. Preparation:...

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Copper Tea Tin Copper Tea Tin

This large copper tea tin is perfect for storing multiple bags of loose-leaf teas or just for storing your favorite tea in bulk!  Sizing information: height: 7.5 inches width: 5.5...

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Cranberry Mango Cranberry Mango

 Tart and tangy cranberries meet the rich sweetness of ripe mangos. Sweet, invigorating and exceptional! Green teas from China and Ceylon, mango and cranberry pieces, and natural flavor. Preparation: 3...

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Cream Caramel Rooibos Cream Caramel Rooibos

#1312   Rooibos Aroma Tea  This decadent dessert comes guilt free. An overwhelming favorite at the teashop and on cozy couches everywhere. Let us lead you into temptation. Ingredients: Rooibos...

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Curve Teapot with Infuser Curve Teapot with Infuser

porcelain teapot with lid, stainless steel infuser, 24 oz

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Darjeeling Himalayan  (Second Flush) Darjeeling Himalayan (Second Flush)

#2450 Black Classic Tea  This second flush is a spicy and fully aromatic.  Not a common everyday tea, but a delight for every day.  This bronze-colored cup is truly harmonious....

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Dark Chocolate Rooibos -Socra Tea Blend Dark Chocolate Rooibos -Socra Tea Blend

#1375   A great house blend of quality rich rooibos tea, blended with Michigan made Mindo Cocoa nibs! This is a great evening drink that is rich and calming, add...

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Detroit Prep Travel Mug Detroit Prep Travel Mug

12 oz.

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Herbal Adaptogen Tea, 50g Rhodiola and ashwagandha paired up with black pepper for maximum absorption.  Ingredients: organic rhodiola, ashwagandha, cinnamon, ginger root, black peppercorns Prep: 2g (1 tbsp) per 8oz...

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Dragon Phoenix Pearl Dragon Phoenix Pearl

#2378  Green Classic Tea  Our finest Jasmine Green Tea! For more than 100 years, only the finest and youngest leaves of the best green tea qualities have formed the basis for...

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Drawstring Personal Tea Bags 50 pc Drawstring Personal Tea Bags 50 pc

Personal Tea BagsCha Cult Premium Quality Chlorine & Bleach Free Paper Tea Filter50 filters per pack mThe filter is made out of very carefully selected raw materials.The very fine pores...

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