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China Milky Jade China Milky Jade

#2105  Classic Oolong  One of the most unusual tea specialties is produced by hand in the province of Fujian. Immediately after withering the still moist leaves are heated shortly in...

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Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea Iron Goddess Of Mercy Oolong Tea

#8786  Hand-crafted by a 4th generation artisan oolong tea maker in Taiwan's central Nantou county.  It is crafted in the traditional style with a medium oxidation and moderate roasting through...

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Premium Ginseng Oolong Premium Ginseng Oolong

#2826  The premium ginseng Oolong (also called Lan Gui Ren or Ren Shen) comes from the Cinese province of Hainan and is based on high quality green Oolong, which is...

From $ 7.99