Our Cup of Tea

Quality and purity are important to us. Unfortunately, many teas consumed around the world undergo no testing whatsoever. All of our tea at SocraTea meets or surpasses USDA organic standards. Almost all of our collection is tested in Germany where, unlike in the US, strict federal regulations are in place for tea safety. Each tea, whether grown organically or conventionally, is tested for pesticide and heavy metal residue. Only the best 0.5% of the annual world tea harvest is of high enough quality to be considered for our collection at SocraTea.

We use correct water temperatures and steep times to ensure maximum enjoyment of these wonderful teas. Tea is complex: certain growing regions, terroir, picking seasons, and methods of production impact the quality and pricing of tea, much as they do with wines. Our fine teas are meticulously treated to preserve quality and complexity.  Tea is an agricultural product and therefore subject to price fluctuation. We make a conscious effort to keep our prices low so you can enjoy excellent tea every day. 

Because we only buy from suppliers with close personal contacts to expert growers, we can ensure quality and rarity, which cannot be found when purchasing from large auction houses and mega tea companies. We can also ensure that the companies and gardens we buy from participate in fair trade practices and have the same ecological stewardship that we strive for. We support sustainability for both the environment and livelihoods of those working in the tea industry.

We carry over 100 teas ranging from Black, Pu-Erh, Oolong, Green, White, Rooibos and Herbal.