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Euphoria 50g

Herbal Adaptogen Tea  50g Rhodiola and ashwagandha paired up with black pepper for maximum absorption.  Ingredients: organic rhodiola rosea, organic hibiscus, organic elderflower. Prep: 2g (1 tbsp) per 8oz, brew...

$ 8.50

Cherry Pomegranate

Sun-ripened, fresh cherry notes unite with exotic pomegranates in this delicious fruity beverage, served hot or cold.  Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, sliced almonds, flavoring, cardamom seeds, beetroot, rose petals,...

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Holy Basil 50g (temp. Sold Out)

Herbal 50g Surprisingly sweet with notes of mint, relax with a cup of this organic holy basil leaf tea, not only known to bring on a state of calmness but...

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Nettle Leaf 50g

Herbal 50g package Organic and all the way from Bulgaria, this cleansing herb has been used in the past to help joint pain, boost metabolism and immunity. Prep: 1g herbal...

$ 4.00

Pumpkin Spice Pu-Erh (temp. Sold out)

Black Aroma Earthy and reminiscent of your favorite pumpkin pie. This tea is perfect to warm up with while enjoying spices like clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Ingredients: Cooked (Shou) Pu-Erh,...

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Tea Filter Clip Tea Filter Clip

This reusable, stainless steel tea clip is a great option for closing tea filters! Directions: 1. Press to open clip 2. Slide the filled tea filter into the clip and press...

$ 2.00

Mug with Filter Mug with Filter

porcelain mug and stainless steel filter, 11.8 fl. oz

$ 10.00

Teapot with Filter Teapot with Filter

porcelain teapot, stainless steel filtered lid, 16.9 fl. oz

$ 18.50

Detroit Prep Travel Mug Detroit Prep Travel Mug

12 oz.

$ 25.00

Floral Tea Tin Floral Tea Tin

holds 50g to 100g of loose leaf tea

Sold Out $ 10.00

Square Tea Tin Square Tea Tin

holds 50g to 100g of loose-leaf tea

$ 9.00

Blue Floral Tea Tin Blue Floral Tea Tin

holds 50g of loose-leaf tea

$ 10.00