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Raspberry Green

Green Aroma Vibrant steamed green tea blended with tart hibiscus and succulent raspberries. Raspberry Green Tea offers a sweet and jammy character that tastes delicious hot or iced. Add a...

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Raspberry Rose

Oolong Aroma Flowery oolong meets sweet raspberries with delicate rose petals and pink flowers. Ingredients: half-fermented tea, pink rosebuds, rose petals, freeze-dried cornflower blossoms. Prep: 3g tea leaves (1 heaping...

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Rhubarb Raspberry Rooibos Rhubarb Raspberry Rooibos

#2360 Rhubarb Raspberry Rooibos Aroma Tea    The fruity, sweet and juicy raspberry is complemented by the tangy, rhubarb. Ingredients: Rooibos tea, elderberries, coconut peel, flavoring, freeze-dried raspberry and rhubarb...

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Roasted Almond -Fruit Tea Roasted Almond -Fruit Tea

#1438 A strawberry blonde color when brewed, this blend of subtle vanilla and perfectly roasted almonds is a perfect dessert anytime time of the day. Excellent hot and incredible when...

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Rooibos Tea Rooibos Tea

#1302  Naturally creamy with a touch of honey. South Africa’s national drink makes a splash in any cup—enjoy it here the way it has been savored for centuries. Preparation: 3...

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Sage Lavender

White Aroma Mellow sage and aromatic lavender come together with a subtle citrus vibe from orange peel to create this relaxing white aroma.  Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan, Sage, Cornflowers, Lavender,...

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Salted Caramel Black Tea Salted Caramel Black Tea

#916   Black Aroma Tea  Velvety Caramel so divine, it begs your indulgence. A guilt-free dessert. Ingredients: Black tea from India, cream-caramel pieces(sweetended condensed skim milk, sugar, glucose, molasses, butter...

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Slow Brew Tea Infuser Slow Brew Tea Infuser

Take a break from your frantic pace and let SLOW BREW make you the ideal cup of tea. This sweet sloth infuser is made of heat-resistant, BPA- and phthalate-free silicone...

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Smooth Strawberry Dream Rooibos Tea Smooth Strawberry Dream Rooibos Tea

Discover new depths of sweetness. Caramel and strawberry swirl effortlessly with South African Honeybush for a guilt and caffeine free dessert blend. Honey bush tea, pieces of caramel, natural flavor,...

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Socra Tea Gift Certificates $5, $10, $20 & $50 Socra Tea Gift Certificates $5, $10, $20 & $50

Socra Tea Gift Certificates available: $5.00  $10.00 $20.00 or $50.00 Redeemable In-Store Only.  Please leave a note of the shipping address or email us at where you would like...

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Socra Tea Tea Towels Socra Tea Tea Towels

Add to your tea merch collection and rep your favorite Detroit tea shop with a Socra Tea tea towel.

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SocraTea Farmer's Bag SocraTea Farmer's Bag

Spacious farmer's bag with SocraTea logo Available in Black ONLY.

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