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SocraTea Farmer's Bag SocraTea Farmer's Bag

Spacious farmer's bag with SocraTea logo Available in Black ONLY.

$ 14.99

Special Golden Black Tea Special Golden Black Tea

#2373 Grown in Yunnan, this exceptional black tea is plucked only between the end of the end of March and mid-April and produced according to a special method. The big,...

From $ 9.80

Strawberry Elderflower Basil

Herbal Fruity and Floral with blue butterfly pea blossoms, this tea brings you a fresh and invigorating cup, especially iced! Ingredients: apple pieces, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), rose hip peel,...

From $ 5.00

Strawberry Lavender Fields  SOCRA TEA In House Blend Strawberry Lavender Fields SOCRA TEA In House Blend

#61914  By popular demand! This is a complementary blend of sweet, musky & floral for hot or iced beverages.  Ingredients: Black tea from China, India, and Ceylon, strawberry pieces, peppermint...

From $ 6.30

Sweet Orange Maté Sweet Orange Maté

#2841  The popular fresh taste of fruity sweet oranges goes well with the moderately strong, spicy, slightly smoky maté tea. The well-balanced addition of pleasant licorice gives the necessary sweetness...

From $ 4.75

Toasted Kukicha

#2881  Green Classic  This organic green tea quality is largely composed of the leaf stalks, the so-called "Kuki", which  are obtained during the production of Sencha or Bancha. It is,...

From $ 14.40

Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea

#9708 The awesome, centering energy of golden turmeric root is enhanced by strengthening licorice root and zesty ginger in this Ayurveda inspired blend. Fragrant lemongrass and citrus peels create a...

From $ 7.50

Vanilla Black Aroma Tea Vanilla Black Aroma Tea

#990  Black Aroma Tea  The deep rich aroma of Madagascar vanilla makes for a velvety smooth, naturally sweetened tea that is excellent hot or iced.  Ingredients: Black teas from China,...

From $ 5.20

Vata Ayurveda Herbal Tea Vata Ayurveda Herbal Tea

#1299   Ayurveda Herbal Blend  In the Ayurvedic tradition, the Vata dosha requires the sweet holistic calm granted by licorice, ginger, and anise. Also rich in coriander, a traditional herbal...

From $ 7.65