$ 80.00

Have a special Mother's Day with Socratea! Enjoy a light three course meal of finger foods. First course will consist of your choice of finger sandwiches, second and third course will be curated by us, filled with scones, cheese, tarts and other desserts. We will have limited gluten-free & vegan options available.

Please provide your sandwich selections at checkout.

1. Egg Salad Tofu Egg Salad (vegan)

2. Cream Cheese & Cucumber Cream Cheese & Cucumber (vegan)

3. Avocado chickpea (vegan)

4. Tomato & Cheddar w/ Arugula

5. Tuna Salad (w/ egg)

6. Ricotta & Orange Marmalade

7. Hazelnut Spread & Raspberry Jam (vegan)

8. Chicken w/ Avocado+Tomato & Arugula

9. Toast w/ Goat Cheese & Olives

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please let us know in the notes box before check out!

Available Time Slots:

Saturday and Sunday, 10AM - 12PM , 12PM - 2PM, 2PM - 4PM, 4PM - 6PM


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