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Pu-erh Tuo Cha Pu-erh Tuo Cha

From $ 9.05

#9547   This traditional style of shy pu-erh offers an impressively robust infusion. Its complex personality is revealed over multiple infusions: smooth while robust, a bit sweet and a bit savory, mellow yet powerful. At about 5 grams per tuo cha, each is designed to brew a single serving size. Tasting...

Cola Lime Pu-Erh Cola Lime Pu-Erh

From $ 5.50

#2994 Pu-Erh Black Aroma Tea  This invigorating black tea is refined by a fresh lime flavor. Decorative orange slices and lemon peel underline the tea's refreshing character and reminds us of a crisp cola. GREAT ICED!  From the first taste, you will think "this is better than cola!" Ingredients: Black tea,...

Pistachio Pu-Erh -Black Tea Pistachio Pu-Erh -Black Tea

From $ 5.20

#1095 This strongly spicy and earthy blend has found a perfect partner in the wonderfully nutty pistachio.  Ingredients: black pu-erh tea, pistachios, peony petals, nature flavoring. Preparation: 3g tea leaves (1 heaping teaspoon) per 8oz cup of filtered, boiling water. Allow to brew 4-5 min.

Pu-Erh Chai Pu-Erh Chai

From $ 5.50

#2199 This slightly earthy tea base is complemented by a colorful selection of spices with a nice balanced flavor composition. Great with a dash of milk and honey! Ingredients: black tea, cinnamon pieces, black peppercorns, cloves, ginger pieces, whole cardamom and cardamom seeds.  Prep: 3g tea leaves (1 heaping teaspoon)...

Pu-Erh Superfruit Pu-Erh Superfruit

From $ 5.50

#283 This festival of berries will capture all your senses. This rejuvenating permutation of ripe berries will awaken the earthy aromas of the Pu-Erh and charm you from first sip. Ingredients: Pu-Erh tea, blueberries, pomegranate arils, freeze-dried whole raspberries, freeze-dried strawberry pieces and blue cornflower blossoms. Preparation: 3 g tea leaves (1 heaping...

Pu-Erh Vanilla Mint Chai Tea Pu-Erh Vanilla Mint Chai Tea

From $ 7.99

#9594  Luxuriously textured and inviting, Vanilla Mint Chai combines the sweetest grade of Saigon cinnamon, rich cocoa, and aromatic peppermint with bold pu-erh tea. Accents of silken vanilla bean transforms this chai into a sublime, heady cup. Tasting Notes: Decadent vanilla bean and sweet Saigon Cinnamon complement smooth, rich Pu-erh...

Yunnan Pu-Erh Yunnan Pu-Erh

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#573  Classic Black Tea  This odd looking tea is pressed into a "nest" shape or "tuo". Pu-erh is a highly revered tea type from the Yunnan Province that undergoes fermentation during its production- it then can improve with age, developing nuance as a result of microbial activity. This "Shou" pu-erh...