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While summer is coming to a close, I feel myself grasping at all our favorite family pastimes. Staying up past bedtime watching movies, backyard bonfires, final camping trips...and making tea popsicles! I wanted to share this summertime favorite around my house with all of you before the season is up.Of course you can enjoy these all year long, but if you are having a final party over Labor Day weekend this is a sure fire hit with kids...(and grown ups too!) They are cool, delicious, and free of a lot of the junk you find in your local grocer's freezer aisle. ...

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Socra Tea's Perfect Ice Tea Tips and BEST Picks for Iced Tea

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The Perfect Iced Tea What is the "Secret" to the Perfect Iced Tea? Follow the instructions on the bag.  Use the exact tsp. per the directions. Brew in 1/2 the amount of water per the directions.  (Example: You want to make 32 oz of ice tea.  4tsps. tea + 16oz water, brew & pour over ice) Pour directly over ice! You now have the Perfect Iced Tea!  Here is a list of a couple of our teas that make GREAT Iced Tea: BLACK TEAS Cola Lime | Just Peachy | Orange Cookie | Pineapple Mango| Strawberry Lavender Fields | Superfruit...

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